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Rocket Pool

Welcome to Rocket Pool

Rocket Pool is a decentralised Ethereum Proof of Stake pool currently in alpha.

Ethereum Proof of Stake (PoS) Solidity Code
We have code!
Checkout our Github repo to browse the code and contracts yourself. Rocket Pool is fully functional on a local machine when running the alpha.
Rocket Pool Casper Features
Rocket Pool has several first to market features for a Casper compatible pool. Including, but not limited to, Widow Addresses, Deposit Tokens and Minipools.
Rocket Pool 3rd Party Casper Support
3rd Party API
Rocket Pool has a fully integrated API for registered partners. If you're an exchange, wallet provider or other Ethereum service, you'll be able to offer staking services for your users easily using our 3rd party partner API and network.
Rocket Pool Tokens
Our Tokens
Rocket Pool has two very unique tokens. The RPL token is the main protocol token used by Rocket Pool and was featured in our crowdsale. We also have the RPD token which allows users to withdraw from staking whenever they wish. Read about these tokens here.

Latest News

Just some of the most recent news about Rocket Pool
ConsenSys Ventures, the venture arm of the ConsenSys Ethereum blockchain powerhouse, has invested in Rocket Pool as it seeks to form a relationship with the first announced Casper staking pool. ConsenSys has elaborated on the thinking behind these investments: “It’s very important for us to invest into companies that both embody the ethos of decentralization while also pushing the Ethereum ecosystem forward.”
12th May, 2018
This update comes to you hot on the heels of Edcon where there was much talk about Casper’s Proof of Stake, Pools and a surprise talk by Vitalik on how to be a validator for Casper. Of course Rocket Pool was attending and made an abundance of new potential relationships which we hope to leverage in the future; more info on that to come.
11th May, 2018
Its been over a month since our last, but for very good reason, we’ve been extremely busy! 2018 began with the launch of the Casper testnet, a much welcomed event that saw the next generation of Ethereum’s new Proof of Stake consensus protocol rolled out for testing. While the testnet has had its share of networking problems due to the issues with Pythereum (an internal client used primarily for R&D testing by the Ethereum Foundation), we have nontheless been busy preparing Rocket Pool for its future beta release.
29th March, 2018
A very in depth, balanced and comprehensive analysis was done on Rocket Pool by the Divergence Digital Currency Fund (DDC), a hedge fund co-managed by Yida Gao and Adam Struck. The fund invests in cryptoassets and associated early-stage projects leveraging distributed technology.
18th March, 2018
We're growing, welcome to Darren and Jake
Rocket Pool has largely been designed and developed by a dedicated but small team. With Casper coming into its own on the testnet and interest growing around Rocket Pool, our next main goals are to ensure we have the development talent and skills to continue Rocket Pools current trajectory and ensure it becomes synonymous with staking. Today we welcome two new permanent and highly skilled team members to Rocket Pool, Darren Langely and Jake Pospischil. Both have a diverse range of skill sets needed to continue to build Rocket Pool into a true next generation staking pool.
5th March, 2018
After a hectic and successful 2017, it looks like 2018 will be no different. The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity and meetings. Todays development update covers our approach to the smart node liveliness and monitoring + extensive role based permissions added and Casper testnet compatibility.
3rd Feb, 2018
Token Crowdsale Success
In a huge finale, the Rocket Pool RPL token crowdsale finished in spectaculor fashion with the crowdsale contract receiving over 50% more ether than the target required. Due to the proportional distribution and refund model used, this excess ether was refunded to all participants, with everyone receiving some tokens and almost 55% of their contribution back in ether. A huge thank you to all who participated and made the sale such a great success. If you still need to collect your tokens and refund, you can find the instructions on the tokens page or contact us and we can release them for you.
29th January, 2018
Token Crowdsale Extended & Xmas Wishes
Due to coming quite close to hitting the crowdsale target, we've gauged the communities feedback and decided to extend the deadline to the 7th of Jan, 2018. This is a hard deadline which means if the sale doesn't complete by then, all contributors can claim a full refund of their ether from the contract, there won't be another extension. We'll then look at organising another crowdsale closer to Caspers launch on Testnet when hype is building and more awareness about its impact is known.
Also want to take this time to say a huge thanks to everyone here and all those who've supported Rocket Pool in the community this year. In the last 5 months we've done a successful presale, given multiple talks to Ethereum Meetup groups across Australia, done interviews with Evan Van Ness and CSNews Network, pitched to ConsenSys, written a whole stack of articles and also fully rewritten Rocket Pool to take advantage of part one of the Metropolis update to the Ethereum network. A solid community has formed with many new friends and additional people have started contirbuting to the code base and benchmarking node clients which has been great, can't ask for much more than that.

So finally, I want to wish everyone a really great holidays and Xmas break. Take some time to relax, have a few drinks and enjoy your friends and family. It's easy to lose sight of the important things like those in the crypto world, where fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye!
24th December, 2017
ConsenSys is launching a $50 million venture capital fund to be managed by social impact expert Kavita Gupta and they have hand picked 4 Australian projects from all over to pitch to them at the Sydney Ethereum Meetup on the 14th November and you guessed it, Rocket Pool got picked! It was Sydney Ethereums biggest meetup ever with over 300 people attending and some major industry players.
16th November, 2017
After the very successful presale in September, Rocket Pool is now aiming to launch its next and final token sale starting on November 25th and running through to December 23rd. This new public crowdsale will feature a new type of token distribution system which will allow anyone to claim some RPL tokens from the sale, regardless of the amount they contribute or the time they contribute. Like the original presale, it's built using our own token distribution platform, the Sale Agent.
30th October, 2017
With the RPL presale in the rear view mirror, efforts over the last few weeks have been concentrated on working on some core elements of Rocket Pool that will be required for its beta release hopefully on the Kovan testnet in the first quarter of 2018. Some of these core elements are the smart node service scripts and the design / functionality of the Rocket Pool beta UI.
13th October, 2017
Rocket Pool got a special invitation to give a talk on our Dapp + Network to the Brisbane Ethereum Meetup group on the 4th October. Had a great turn out of 60-80 people and spent a good hour going over all Rocket Pools tech, how it was made and what it was made using. Slides from the event are linked above.
10th October, 2017
Our primary protocol token RPL has been quickly listed at EtherDelta after the initial token presale. EtherDelta is a decentralised exchange for Ethereum tokens.
28th September, 2017
Original development started on Rocket Pool in late 2016 and with Solidity being a new language, it is undergoing constant updates, so part of the work put in over the last few weeks has been updating Rocket Pool in full to run with and utilise the strengths of the latest Solidity 0.4.15...
21st September, 2017
David had the pleasure of being interviewed by Status on Rocket Pool and how he got started in the industry. Great chat with lots of extra info about Rocket Pool, how it intends to take on Casper and bring staking to everyday users.
11th August, 2017

A Visual Guide to The Rocket Pool Network

Rocket Pool Network Infrastructure for Ethereum Casper
Rocket Pool Ethereum Minipool Waiting
Minipool Awaiting Launch
Will be assigned to a smart node and launched when min required Ether is met. Node assigned is based on geographic region and server load.
Rocket Pool Ethereum Minipool Staking
Minipool Staking
Minipool is assigned to a smart node and its collective deposit and node details are sent to Casper where it becomes a validator.
Rocket Pool Ethereum Smart Node
Smart Node
Not your average node. Smart nodes run special services that allow them broadcast their current server load, try to help other nodes and more.


Rocket Pool has received enormous support from many community members and institutions.
As specialists on IT infrastructure management we provide professional services related to the construction and continuos operation of IT systems. Our mission is to avoid server outages, performance drops and security breaches. We model, design, build and maintain organizations' IT infrastructure so systems can run reliably, secure and fast.
KRYPTONITE1 plc (NEX:KR1) is a publicly listed investment company focussed on the blockchain ecosystem. They invest in early stage projects and blockchain-based digital assets. These assets power the decentralised platforms and protocols that form the emerging Web3 infrastructure.

Meet the Team

Rocket Pool has a dedicated, skilled and hard working team. We believe in quality over quantity.
David Rugendyke
Founder & CTO
David has over 18 years commercial experience as a senior developer with a computer science background and started designing Rocket Pool in late 2016. He is currently committed to developing Rocket Pool full time.
Darren Langely
Senior Developer
Darren has over 16 years of software development experience. As a technical lead & architect, he has built exciting digital products for government, financial services, professional services, and the sustainability industry.
Jake Pospischil
Senior Developer
Jake has over 10 years of commercial development experience and a background in design. He builds web applications at every layer of the stack, from front-end interfaces to database schemas and server provisioning.
Andrew Newton
Network Infrastructure Advisor
Over 15 years of infrastructure and networking background has helped Andy provide full-stack development experience to IT teams of BNP Paribas bank, Tesco Bank, NRAM and DSGI.
Michelle Keane
Chief Administrative Officer
Michelle has over 15 years experience in the financial sector managing client funds and commercial ventures. Developing and managing Rocket Pools scope and operations is her next big challenge which she's taking in her stride.

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