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Rocket Pool

Rocket Pool - Token Presale

The presale has currently concluded, thanks to all those who participated and shown support for Rocket Pool. Details of our public crowdsale which will be held later in the year will be given on the website in the near future.

RPL Token Address
The presale of RPL is only open to registered participants. The presale has the best rate per token but will also require a minimum buy-in of 50 ether. If you are not a registered participant, please contact us if you wish to be involved in the presale.
Rocket Pool Token Sale ICO
Token Details
The presale for the Rocket Pool RPL token will include a maximum 50% of the total 18 million tokens available. For more information on the protocol token that is available to presale participants, please read our whitepaper.

Presale Rate
1 ether = 1,397 RPL (46% Bonus)

0.80 million tokens remaining


Unfortunately due to regulatory uncertainty around this sector, we are not allowing citizens of Australia or the United States to participate in the Rocket Pool presale. It appears you are currently a resident in one of these countries.
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